STAPLEFOODS.ORG, COVID-19 AND SDG 2- How the “Road Map” To Humanity Can Be Attained

Many people, rich and poor have been forced to restructure and reconsider almost every aspect of their lives due to the coronavirus pandemic. This virus is no respecter of person or institution and the status quo no longer exists.  UNDP estimates that global human development i.e, a combination of education, living standards and health could fall this year since 1990, when measurement began. is adapting to the change posed by the pandemic and implementing in its own way some of the principles suggested by the UNDP to respond to this crisis.

Look at the response through an equality lens: has identified communities and various groups of less fortunate individuals that have been hard hit by this pandemic. Most of these individuals have either lost their livelihood or find it quite difficult to feed themselves. To combat this has organized and provided relief packages to help alleviate their hunger and get them back on their feet. With the first phase of this project already carried out, is organizing subsequent provisions such as these

Focus on people’s enhanced capabilities: is also speaking to other actors in the various industries to help come up with various sustainable ways to adapt to the changes brought about by this pandemic  and be better prepared for likely future incidences.
At we believe in being proactive and engaging our target audience in innovative ways that will ensure the achievement of the SDG-2

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